Aboriginal Resources - Felt People & Animals

qχeləc, nə́c̓əmat θəɬ kʷθə šxʷqʷeləwən

Many Voices, One Mind

Traditional Homes and Totems Resource Kit

Launched in Summer of 2017. Our Network is proud to share this latest resource kit. This resource is one of the many ways we would like to honour the "Calls to Action" in reference to the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada.

We have consulted with our Elders and Knowledge Keepers to produce this unique resource. Our designer has well over 20 years of experience and has carefully followed protocols and procedures to develop this culturally appropraite kit. There are many items that have been hand crafted and cannot be found in a store(s).

Here is a sample of what is included in the kit: Teachers Manual; One Hand crafted Wooden Longhouse; Felt Play Mat; Three themed wooden blocks sets- Homes and Totems, Community and Longhouse; One Tee Pee; One large Felt Pit House; One Felt Long House; Two mini felted longhouses; Two Traditional Language cards; One Felt Story " The Thunderbird and The Orca Story" and much more!

Honouring The Journey Resource Kit

“Honouring The Journey Through Our Culture” was launched in the Spring of 2014. This kit is a wonderful way to incorporate Aboriginal curriculum for children 0-6. The resource includes plants food and medicine, cedar and the Seven Sacred Teachings. Many of the items are hand made by Elders, community members, artists and crafters and is not available in stores.

The Network has designed our Kit(s) in collaboration with ECD consultant, Carmen Pereda. Together through collaboration and generous proceeds from our Funding Partners we have been able to develop the cultural resources, teacher manuals and facilitation of training(s).