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Professional Development, Workshops or Events

Since 2003, the network has promoted a greater understanding of Indigenous histories, cultures and teachings. It advocates for and supports programs and policies to reflect Indigenous perspectives of early childhood development. Through shared responsibility it has collaborated across the region to develop a range of culturally responsive resources. Each resource has key learning outcomes, teachings and or methods to support Indigenous children and or their families.

Presentations can provide participants with a sense of knowledge, skills, and strategies. The workshop or event may be tailored to support your needs and or requirements. Each session will include certification for professional development hours.

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Success By 6 & Aboriginal Early Childhood Community Development

Xa'Xtsa First Nation Addressing the needs of children and families in there community, and the role of Success by 6 in bringing partners together to support the community vision. {Click on the below link.}

Fraser Region Aboriginal ECD Network Naming Ceremony

On June 3rd, 2016 The Fraser Region Aboriginal ECD Network held an Naming Ceremony which was hosted at the Kwantlen First Nation Cultural Centre. Our day was led by Brandon Gabriel, Kwantlen First Nation as well as our very own network member, Cheryl Gabriel

Our Network Map Has Been Updated

Our network is an association of Aboriginal early childhood development service providers from across the Fraser Region from Tsawwassen to Boston Bar.

When is a Book More Than a Book?

On December 4th, 2012 the Fraser Region Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Network (FRAECDN) held a ceremony to launch their first book: Swayels te Sqaqele Li Kwe Satiq