Resource Kit

qχeləc, nə́c̓əmat θəɬ kʷθə šxʷqʷeləwən

Many Voices, One Mind

Fraser Region Aboriginal ECD Network Initiatives:

Summary of Initiatives:

  • Increase Aboriginal participation in AECD (Aboriginal Early Childhood Development), ASCD (Aboriginal Supported Child Development) and AIDP (Aboriginal Infant Development Program)
  • Facilitate ongoing consultation and planning sessions
  • Promote consultation with Aboriginal communities
  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders
  • Continue to develop cultural materials
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for professional development
  • Support pilot projects that enhance services to the Aboriginal communities

View our on-going initiatives below:

The Fraser Region Aboriginal ECD Network has a strategy to increase participation from as many interested Aboriginal ECD service providers from across the region as possible.

We have on-going consultations and planning in conjunction regarding Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Subsidized Child Care (SCC) with the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD ) – Fraser Region is occurring, leading to new and/or enhanced relationships with existing service providers and informed decisions by the ministry. 

The FRAECD Network continues to identify the need for culturally-responsive resources for young Aboriginal children and families. Members have collaborated across the region to access funding and consult with communities to develop a range of cultural and traditional resources and training for service providers.

The “Cedar Kit” and training were introduced to communities in the Spring of 2010. “Traditional Plants, Food and Medicine Kit” and training were launched in the Fall of 2010. During a follow-up training on existing kits in the Spring of 2011, a survey was conducted with front-line staff from the Fraser Region to determine themes for future resources. Their feedback, along with needs assessments within Network agencies, highlighted the “Seven Sacred Teachings” this kit was developed and launched in the Spring of 2012. December, 2012 the Fraser Region Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Network (FRAECD) held a ceremony to launch their first book: Swayels te Sqaqele Li Kwe Satliq or Baby’s Day. In the Spring of 2014 “Honouring the Journey Through Our Culture” resource kit and training were provided.

The Network is honoured to continue to make resources and training accessible to Aboriginal communities and children of the Fraser Region. Please find out more on our Aboriginal Resources page.

The Fraser Region Aboriginal ECD Network has raised some important issues and concerns in regards to meeting the needs of Aboriginal children and families. We are open to consultingwith outside agencies, groups, and or persons who share the same view on children and families.

The Fraser Region Aboriginal ECD Network has raised some important issues and concerns in the past that are intended to be forwarded and discussed with the respective provincial advisors for Success By Six, Make Children First, and Supported Child Care.