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qχeləc,  nə́c̓əmat  θəɬ  kʷθə  šxʷqʷeləwən

Many Voices, One Mind


Many Voices, One Mind is a network of Indigenous Early Childhood Development service providers from across the Fraser Region and the Solh Temexw our sacred land. 

Our network promotes a greater understanding of Indigenous histories, cultures and teachings. We advocate for and support programs and policies that reflect Indigenous perspectives of early childhood development.

A special thank you to Aaron Denault for the videos: aarondcdenault@gmail.com

Latest Events and Teachings:

MVOM's Elder Representatives

New Grandmother and Grandfather Representatives elected at the 2021 AGM 

Culturally Appropriate Indigenous Early Years Curriculum or Resources

Many Voices, One Mind is accepting requests and inquires for more information on Presentations, Workshops, Professional Development and/or Events