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qχeləc,  nə́c̓əmat  θəɬ  kʷθə  šxʷqʷeləwən

Many Voices, One Mind

Our Initiatives:

Increase participation in AECD (Aboriginal Early Childhood Development), ASCD (Aboriginal Supported Child Development) and AIDP (Aboriginal Infant Development Program)

  • Facilitate ongoing consultation and planning sessions
  • Promote consultation with Indigenous and non Indigenous communities
  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders
  • Continue to develop Cultural Curriculum and Resources
  • Offer Professional Development, workshop and Event opportunities
  • Support pilot projects to enhance services to communities

View our on-going initiatives below:

Many Voices, One Mind has a strategy to increase participation from as many interested Aboriginal ECD service providers from across the region as possible. Should you be interested in more information please contact us.

We have on-going consultations and planning in conjunction regarding Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Subsidized Child Care (SCC) with the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD ) – Fraser Region is occurring, leading to new and/or enhanced relationships with existing service providers and informed decisions by the ministry. 

Our vision is that Indigenous children and families, regardless of where they live across the Fraser Region, embrace and practice their culture; that they have access to a full range of culturally appropriate early childhood development services that will in turn foster and enhance their ability to reach their maximum potential.

The network works to promote a greater understanding of Indigenous histories, cultures and teachings as well as advocates for and supports programs and policies to reflect Indigenous perspectives of early childhood development. Cultural curriculum and resources developed to date:

  • Traditional Plants and Medicine. Launched Fall of 2010
  • Cedar Kit. Launched Spring of 2010
  • Seven Sacred Teachings. Launched Spring of 2012
  • Swayels te Sqaqele Li Kwe Satliq or Baby’s Day. Launched Winter of 2012
  • Honoring the Journey Kit. Launched Spring of 2014
  • Traditional Homes and Totems. Launched Summer of 2017

Professional Development, Workshops, Theme Options and/or Events:

Each resource has key learning outcomes, teachings and or methods to support Indigenous children and or their families. The presentation will provide participants with a sense of knowledge, skills, and strategies. The workshop may be tailored to support your needs and or requirements. Each session will include certification for professional development hours.

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Many Voices, One Mind works together to address important issues and concerns related to how to work together in order to meet the needs of Indigenous children and families.

We are open to consulting with outside agencies, groups, and or persons who share the same view on children and families. We focus the strength and wisdom of our communities to create supports for Indigenous Early Childhood Development.

For more information please see our Contact us page

Many Voices, One Mind has raised some important issues and concerns which are then brought forward to our partners with Success By 6, United Way, MCFD and with other parters .