Many Voices, One Mind

Henqeminem Translation by Sesmelot, Fern Gabriel - Kwantlen First Nation

Many Voices, One Mind

Halq’emeylem Translation by Xóyetlha, Evangeline Point-Sts’ailes First Nation

MVOM Privacy Policy


Many Voices, One Mind (MVOM) is committed to respecting the personal privacy of individuals visiting our website. All personal information provided will be protected in accordance with federal law.


This privacy statement describes the information we collect via the MVOM website and social media accounts, along with how we collect and use that information. We reserve the right to update this statement at any time. Users are responsible for reviewing this document periodically for changes.

Personal Information

Personal information may be recorded about an individual who provides online feedback or a request for service. This information includes things such as individual’s name, e-mail address, and organization’s contact information (when applicable).


Personal information is collected via this website and social media in certain circumstances, such as when you send an email message to us or complete a questionnaire, form, or other on-line survey found on our website. When you send us electronic mail, we collect your email address, your IP address and your message so that we may reply to you. We recommend that sensitive personal information not be sent unencrypted over the Internet or by e-mail.

When you visit our website, the web server collects a small amount of information to facilitate the operation and security of our website. This information may include browser type, domain name and IP address. This information is not accessed by anyone outside MVOM.

The website search function collects information to remember the information you submitted for the search. We do not collect personal information such as your name, or home address while you visit and use our website.


MVOM may use your information for the following purposes:

  • To identify and communicate with you;
  • To help improve quality of resources and services available for you.;
  • For research purposes, only when authorized and permitted by law;
  • MVOM only uses the personal information collected from the website for the same purpose that it was collected.

This site also uses Google Analytics. To find out more about how Google uses data when you visit a partner's site or app please visit:


MVOM will not share your personal information for another purpose unless we have your consent to do so. In limited circumstances, and only where clearly permitted under PIPA, MVOM may be required, or authorized, by law to disclose your personal information to another party.


Our website contains links to other sites. When clicking on a link, we encourage you to examine the site’s privacy statement and make your own decision regarding the information provided.

Disclaimer: The links to related websites provided by MVOM are provided for convenience only. MVOM is in no way responsible for the availability of the link or the currency or accuracy of the contents.


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Cookies cannot be used by themselves to identify you and do not hold or track any personal details about you, nor can they be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer.

If you have concerns regarding cookies, you can change your web browser to not accept this information or display warning messages. However, you may not be able to use all the features on our website if cookies are disabled. Because each browser is different, check the “Help” menu of your browser for directions to change your cookie preferences or to clear cookies after leaving secure sites.

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