Young Aboriginal Child

qχeləc,  nə́c̓əmat  θəɬ  kʷθə  šxʷqʷeləwən

Many Voices, One Mind

About Us

Many Voices, One Mind, formally known as The Fraser Region Aboriginal ECD Network is a non-profit association of Indigenous early childhood development service providers from across the Fraser Region that works to achieve its vision through shared knowledge, experiences, and open communication amongst participating agencies and partners.

Our Values, Vision and Mission

  • Children are a gift from the Creator.
  • We honour our responsibility to share the strength and resilience of our Indigenous way of being.
  • Indigenous children and families require a sense of belonging to be whole and to thrive.
  • Collaboration and building relationships means that when we give, we also receive.

We focus the strength and wisdom of our communities to create supports for Indigenous Early Childhood Development. We are a model for other IECD networks, demonstrating how to work together, blending traditional values and current expertise to improve services to children and families.

We provide leadership in the creation of unique, culturally responsive Indigenous Early Childhood Development resources and experiential learning opportunities. We support others to enhance the ways they serve the IECD needs of children and families.

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