Many Voices, One Mind

Henqeminem Translation by Sesmelot, Fern Gabriel - Kwantlen First Nation

Many Voices, One Mind

Halq’emeylem Translation by Xóyetlha, Evangeline Point-Sts’ailes First Nation

Naming Ceremony

On June 3rd, 2016, The Fraser Region Aboriginal Early Child Development Network (FRAECDN) held an Naming Ceremony at the Kwantlen First Nation Cultural Centre. Our day was led by Brandon Gabriel and Cheryl Gabriel, from Kwantlen First Nation.

The network received the traditional name qχeləc, nə́c̓əmat θəɬ kʷθə šxʷqʷeləwən, which translates to “Many Voices, One Mind” and represents the core purpose of our table.

  • Honoring the relationship between our communities, partners, and Seabird Island Band (as our Host Agency)
  • To provide awareness of the Aboriginal Early Child Development (AECD) service providers from across the Fraser Region, whom strive to achieve its vision by advancing common knowledge, shared experience, and open communication amongst participating agencies across territories.
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Many Voices, One Mind
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